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Discover the wealth of neurodiversity

Whether you feel different, or you're a health or education professional, the Neuro(A)typical test is your reference resource for answering any questions you may have about yourself or your loved ones.

How does our test work?

Color Profil's Neuro(A)typical test uses a methodical approach to uncover the nuances and peculiarities of neuro(a)typical profiles. Starting with a precise test followed by a meeting with neuro(a)typical experts, you'll gain a deep understanding of your neurodiversity or that of your loved ones, paving the way for personalized coping strategies.

A complete analysis of your results

Following the test, a complete analysis of your neuro(a)typical profile will be provided. You'll discover your unique talents, the challenges you may face and define how to navigate social and professional environments. The results will offer you concrete recommendations for maximizing your abilities, managing challenges and facilitating smooth integration into different environments.

Why choose this test?

The Neuro(A)typical test is an indispensable tool for those seeking to embrace neurodiversity. Discover the three reasons to take this test:

Identify specific neuro(a)typical traits

Color Profil offers accurate, empathetic identification of neuro(a)typical traits, leading to increased self-acceptance and the implementation of personalized coping strategies designed to enrich the lives of neuro(a)typical individuals.

Optimize your capacity and manage challenges

This test offers tips and tools to help typical neuro(a)s maximize their unique talents and move through life with greater confidence by harnessing their unique abilities and effectively overcoming obstacles.

Promote harmonious integration into social and professional environments

With this guidance and support, typical neuro(a)s can find environments where they feel valued and understood. This will lead to a better quality of life, a fulfilling career and more rewarding relationships.