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Define your ideal academic future

Aimed at students, parents and teachers, the Orientation test is your compass for exploring higher education options aligned with your personality and motivations.

How does our test work?

Color Profil's Orientation test is designed to help you select higher education options or courses that match your interests and aptitudes. Through a series of targeted questions, you'll gain detailed insights that will help you better understand your academic preferences and choose a field of study that resonates with your personality.

A complete analysis of your results

At the end of the test, you'll receive a complete analysis of your academic profile. You'll discover your intelligence types, cognitive channels and personality trait indicators that align with different fields of study. The results will offer you concrete recommendations for identifying study options that match your aspirations.

Why choose this test?

The Orientation test is an invaluable tool for those seeking to make informed choices about school education. Discover the three main reasons to choose this test:

Deep self-understanding

Color Profil offers in-depth self-knowledge that enables students to make informed decisions, align their academic choices with their personal aspirations and pursue a path that authentically resonates with who they are.

Understanding intelligence types and cognitive channels

By recognizing and embracing their unique types of intelligence and cognitive channels, students can optimize their learning methods, maximize their academic potential and thrive in environments that value their particular skills.

Discover the types of studies aligned with personality

With this information, students can orient themselves towards studies that not only captivate their interest, but are also in tune with their personality traits, ensuring an enriching and motivating educational experience.