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Converge on a fulfilling professional future

Are you at a crossroads in your career? The Reorientation Test is your guide to finding your path, with clear indications to help you make the best choice about your professional future.

How does our test work?

Color Profil's Reorientation Test explores your skills, interests and values as they relate to the world of work. By answering a series of targeted questions, you'll get relevant feedback on the careers that best match your profile and the opportunities that align with your aspirations.

A complete analysis of your results

At the end of the test, you'll receive a complete analysis of your professional profile. You'll discover your transferable skills, untapped potential and how your interests and values align with different career paths. The results will provide you with concrete recommendations for exploring new avenues and making informed reorientation decisions.

Why choose this test?

The Reorientation Test is a trusted tool for those seeking to redefine their career path. Discover the three main reasons to choose this test:

Discover your deepest aspirations and motivations

Color Profil takes an in-depth look at your personality and fully understands your aspirations. You'll be better equipped to choose a new career path that will bring you satisfaction, fulfillment and success.

Identify transferable skills and untapped potential

Recognizing your existing skills and those that have not yet been fully exploited is crucial when making a career change. Color Profil reveals these transferable skills and your hidden potential to identify career opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Make an informed and aligned choice for a satisfying professional future

With Color Profil, you can make an informed choice about your job. By aligning your career path with who you really are, you increase the chances of long-term success, satisfaction and well-being in your reoriented career.